Halloween Hackers
A little Fun in Cyber space



Most Tech will tell you how important Anti-virus & anti-malware is. But you also need know how it all works.


Check to see if your anti-virus & anti-malware is ACIVATED

make sure auto protection is on they may have another word for this like active protection be sure auto update is enable

You must take a proactive roll in protecting your computer there is no automatic protection that can't fail or works 100% of the time

No anti-virus program will catch 100% of virus.  No anti-malware program will catch 100% of malware.

These programs are of little use if not kept update, anti-virus & anti-malware use definitions to find virus and malware and must be kept current
Need to Know:

Know you anti-virus & anti-malware program menus

Know Security


Things to Do:

Run manual scans of both anti-malware & Anti-virus at lease once a week if you are on your computer all week

If you can afford it buy VMware an surf the net in a virtual machine if it get infected 1 mouse click and problem solved.

Learn more about security

Learn about E-mail Phishing

Learn about malware and it different types, Spyware, adware, Scareware, Crimeware and rootkits.

Some consider computer virus, worm and trojan horses malware I think not two different animals

I think of Malware as a Conman who trick you in to revealing information on all your accounts, credit cards and personal information.

Think of the Trojan horses as driver with a team of burglar as passengers . The Trojan horses drives to your house (computer), the burglars disable the alarms then breaks into your house by brute force (password crack) to loot your house. A Trojan horses can have a payload containing more then one virus or Malware package. This package is called a blended threat and it is bad it need no help to infect your computer, it's sophisticated and can let your attacker remote access to your computer, it can install all of the above and more, a good hacker will use it to control your computer in stealth mode for as long as possible , they can use your computer as a launch site for other planned attack. After the attacks guess who door the police will knock on you better pray the police forensics is real good because your attacker going to wipe his tracks if he can.

 E-Mail, Internet chat, I-frame ,drive by, etc.


  • Rule 1: Security Through Obscurity Doesn't Work

  • Rule 2: Full Disclosure of Bugs and Holes Benefits Security

  • Rule 3: System Security Degrades in Direct Proportion to Use

  • Rule 4: Do It Right Before Someone Does It Wrong For You

  • Rule 5: The Fear of Getting Caught is the Beginning of Wisdom

  • Rule 6: There's Always Someone Out There Smarter, More Knowledgeable, or Better-Equipped Than You

  • Rule 7: There Are No Turnkey Security Solutions

  • Rule 8: Good and Evil Blend into Gray

  • Rule 9: Think Like the Enemy

  • Rule 10: Trust is a Relative Concept



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