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Tools For Virus and Malware Removal for your Rescue Kit

You can Buy a bootable CD from Spybot Search & Destroy they have freeware too!


AVG has a free Rescue CD it bootable


buy a USB or SATA backup drive (backup your computer now before anything happens)

Make a bootable Linux CD/DVD like UBUNTU


This is my scrip for removal of Virus and Malware and some things to think about before you do anything please Read first # 1 should clean most computers however there will be computer that need step #2 and real bad ones all of step #3

System restore bad idea if you think you have a virus it may spread it you can lose files or programs you paid for depends on when last restore was done. never do a restore without having a full backup

format: never format with out a full backup

If you don't have internet access:

go to control internet options click on connection tab LAN settings uncheck proxy server (unless you set this up or your ISP/Administrator) virus was probable using port 6555 for it update

1: Your computer may be infected it need to be clean. run a full virus scan if you don't have anti-virus go to download.com and get a free one. do not by one on line you are infected and you may end up giving you credit card info out to thieves if it won't let you download an anti virus program boot your computer in safe-mode with networking (that the press F8 key when you restart your computer) I recommend a cold start shut the computer down and leave it off 30 sec. then restart and press F8 remember pick with arrows keys safe-mode with networking login to windows when it come up and go to download.com and download Spybot search & Destroy or MalwareBytes both will install in safe mode and run do the updates for it and do a full scan then go to eset.com and do their free online virus scan.
if this doesn't work

2: you need to go to
http://www.ubcd4win.com/ on a friends computer and build a a bootable CD or DVD download file is at http://www.securitywonks.net/listing/view/3/UBCD-for-Windows
and this one does it all will give you internet access to update the files for spybot search & destroy then run it. It free also when you get the computer back boot in safe mode with-networking (shift F8) and go to eset.com and do a free anti-virus scan make sure you put the disk in and then turn off the computer so it a cold boot

3: if all this fails then you must backup all your data to removable storage or pull your hard drive put in a new one install your operating system and your applications your anti-virus and anti-malware do all updates and put your data back (data doc,pictures music, passwords anything important on your computer) after it up and running change all

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