Our original intent was a site for Political Satire from those who Believe Government is out of control but it look like our world out of control.  We woud like to have our world back but by law we can only defend against  cyber criminal  not attack. 

We are the Halloween Hackers  we are white hats, Wizard of Science  the magic is we like to fix things some things people can't see like security,   We see humor in some of the things people do with and to computers  or don't do at all.   Like buying a new computer and never activating the Anti-Virus program that come with it or installing one they like
Do you Know there Cyber War going on out there ?  are you protected or just think you are ? 
do you know what anti-virus program you have ? anti malware program what about your password do you use the same one for everything ? is it a simple password like 1234,  cat, dog, love, devorice, ect is it more then 12 characters ? is your credit card stored on line with more then one services or retiler ?  Have you ever run a full scan of your computer, anti-virus and anti-malware ? do you have an emergency  anti-virus cd  ?  do you have all your numbers keys  and access codes, ID and password stored away  other then your computer. do you have all your install disk (yes the one for the printer scanner too !) Last do you pay attention to the laws your goverment  want to pass on computer use and who get the  fine

Halloween Hackers
A little Fun in Cyber space
Wizard  are we ?  This is magic of science
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